How Biz Owners Can Avoid Burn Outs in 4 Easy Ways

Being an owner in this digital era means putting your mental peace at stake.

Especially after Covid, as reports suggest, there was a surge in people seeking out therapists.

Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out for help...

How do we make sure we aren’t in this same boat ourselves in the first place?

A founder’s role comes with a lot of responsibility... with that said, it’s super important to take care of the institution that the Brand is built on - YOU!

Here are some tricks which I hope helps you in a way or two.

#1. Write down your “Must-Dos” every morning on waking up.

But this comes with a twist. Limit your must-dos to 4 if not lesser.

Do not overwhelm yourself with going over-board with your tasks.

Write all your tasks down in a dedicated journal, and highlight up to 4 tasks that need to be completed within EOD.

This helps in two ways:

- You’ll be at peace knowing you’ve got time to complete them and deliver.

- You know where to look back in case your memory plays spoilsport.

#2. Schedule all meetings a week in advance; Ensure to wrap up 5-min early.

This way your days are scheduled accordingly, and you can ensure smoother completion of point #1.

And not just meetings, a schedule for family time, lunches and dinners too paves way for a better work-life balance.

Like Tony Robbins said - “If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible. But if you schedule it, it’s real.”

#3. Take mini-breaks, you deserve them!

A little “me” time did no one any harm...

Take that mini-vacation you were always meaning to!

Go out to that Cafe everyone’s been raving about...

And that series which was pending for a binge-watch.. yes, finish it along with a tub of popcorn.

But ensure to keep your team or clients informed about your unavailability during vacations. No one would want to attend a status meeting while chilling on a sea-shore!

#4. Delegate your work from time to time.

This is an ultimate trick to give yourself some time for other bigger tasks. If you have some tasks sitting unattended, and require no involvement of yours, you know it’s time for delegation.

And if you’re a Solopreneur, hire a Virtual Assistant (VA). Let them help you out, so you take some load of yourself and feel at peace.

The Bottom Line

I’m a Biz Owner myself, and if I said the process is easy, I’d be lying.

Running a Business requires commitment as well as responsibility.

But it’s crucial to make sure we do not lose our minds into the sinkhole of Entrepreneurship.

Wishing you found this super helpful and hope you implement them!

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