Detox Your Mind With These 5 Easy Ways

It’s ok to not feel ok. With that being said, what if we end up not feeling alright often and let lethargy take over the best of us.

I don’t know about you, but without at least a day of any kind of detox every month, I would stop functioning and feel like a robot!

In this digital age where our lives are up for constant display, it’s really hard to stop focusing on material things and stop ourselves from getting sucked into the social media sinkhole.

Can you imagine eating only junk food for a straight month? Wouldn't your body start falling apart... Now imagine this is what exactly what we put our mind through! All the work stress, emotions, screen time, binging on movies and the list goes on. And to top it all off, the dull weather contributing to the moodiness.

So it’s finally time to give our minds the much-needed break or a mental detox to sound fancy. Follow these steps for the time duration which suits you.

1. Disconnect… follow a no screen time

Until now, the best time of my life would be when I was traveling in Kashmir and Leh (The Himalayan range in India). There was absolutely no WiFi or even phone network for a good week. No, you don’t have to climb a mountain to disconnect, a simple trick I follow is: Uninstall the apps that consume a lot of time. And those that are not part of your work.

Uninstall does not delete your account or cause data loss. Once you're happy with your no-screen time, install it back and it picks right where you left off.

Also, a no-screen time an hour before bed and an hour after waking up, has massively contributed to reducing my levels of stress.

2. Get your shoes out and spend time in nature

I’ve heard this saying that goes: “The further we move away from Nature, the further we move away from our own Nature too.”

And oh boy is this true! I’m not sure if it’s the greenery or the fresh oxygen, but being in a beautiful natural space has always recharged me.

You could plan your vacations not to big cities but somewhere close to nature. Live in a cottage amidst greenery and the sound of water, you’re sure to refresh your mind and spirit automatically!

3. Brain dump time! Journal away

Typing just doesn’t do it for me when it comes to journaling. I have a book or a planner if you may call where I know I wouldn't be judged or ridiculed for whatever it is I scribble there.

Even if you have a trusted partner to speak to, venting your thoughts away in a journal is a perfect form of cleansing. Create a section of say 10 lines, mark the date and call it “Brain Dump”. Here, doodle or scribble whatever it is, good or bad things of the day, goals for the next day or what could’ve made the day better.

4. Close your eyes, not to sleep but Meditate!

Make it a point to meditate not only during detox but every day, even if it’s for a few minutes. Meditation brings a certain calm that feels refreshing and spikes your energy.

If you’re unable to do it by yourself, you could check out apps like Headspace which have enough recordings. Choose the time, plug it in and try not to get distracted.

5. A hobby a day keeps dullness away

We are all good at something, however big or small the hobby may be!

Find yours, brain dump a few ideas and stick to one of them initially, whatever is the easiest.

Take a few minutes off every day, either between work or after. Work is for the money, while hobby is for the soul... Do it every day, get good at it. It will surely get you out of the boring routine and keep your spirits up.

Let these be a reminder that every situation is temporary, and not let our mind - the most important asset, play spoilsport.

Let’s get better mentally and start healing!

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