7 Ways a Copywriter Helps Your SaaS Brand Grow Consistently

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

The success of a Business lies not just in its revenue growth, but also in being able to showcase its unique brand image online. Also, it’s crucial that you make sure your subscribers are long-term and recurring.

Did you know that according to BMC SaaS market is currently growing by 18% each year and nearly 78% of Small Businesses have invested in SaaS?

But how do you make sure your Brand stays put?

Writing for a brand is more than just putting together a few sassy words and bragging about your products....And that’s when a Copywriter comes in.

Let’s look at ways a fine Copywriter crafts his way through your brand.

#1. Outstanding Research Skills

Be it on intensive Sales Calls with clients or thorough competitor research, a Copywriter would know his way around.

Quality over quantity when it comes to this one. Research is also done through the end users’ perspective, online reviews, etc. This helps in extracting the what and what-nots of curating copy for your business.

#2. Accentuates the Benefits More Than the Features

Remember that SaaS in B2B still means selling products to people who would want to know how they benefit them. And let’s face it, no one would buy stuff for the features alone!

And this is where a Copywriter creates engaging copy that speaks directly to your consumers’ needs, rather than showcasing specifications alone.

Like Seth Godin says: “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

#3. Paints a Sweet Picture aka Storytelling

SaaS Copy doesn’t have to be bland or boring. A Copywriter loves to dig into users’ imaginations and the basic human instinct of creating a fruitful future.

They sprinkle in emotional appeal, evoke sympathy and make users realise how your products would ease out their problems. And who wouldn't want that?

#4. Keeping Up With The Brand Voice and Tone

Every Brand, SaaS or otherwise needs to be consistent across all platforms.

A Copywriter makes it a point to strictly stick to the Brand voice and tone or even help you create a better one.

Since lack of consistency across Socials or Messaging, makes you look less genuine to your customers, resulting in them losing curiosity.

#5. Optimization for Search

A Copywriter helps you analyze Keywords and this is especially crucial for your SaaS Articles or Blog Pages.

These specific keywords thus help in ranking your website while your ideal users search on the WWW.

#6. Structuring the Copy Well

Content and UX go hand in hand. It’s important to note that users are not left hanging on any spot on your website.

A Copywriter helps connect the pieces and makes sure the user flows through a component to another with utmost ease.

#7. Finally, Make Users Say - Hell Yeah!

And, Bingo! All the picture painting and the benefits emphasized have successfully led another user to click your CTA button, all thanks to your Copywriter.

Making sure the user is told what they are exactly expected to do, is what a CTA boils down to. Also knowing exactly where to place them throughout your website is noteworthy too.

The Bottom Line

It’s critical to make sure your SaaS Brand speaks in your Ideal Customer’s voice. Also, it’s important to create a unique brand voice that lets you stand apart from your competition.

An effective SaaS Copy requires in-depth research, user and competitor analysis alongside it being high-converting.

Let a Copywriter help you out and save you some time :)

Want well-crafted and curated SaaS Copy or Content written for your Brand? Shoot me a mail at taking 5 more clients in Jan 2022!

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