5 Ultimate Growth Hacks To Ramp Up Your B2B SaaS Company

As a SaaS Brand, building a loyal audience is of utmost importance. It’s of common knowledge that the SaaS industry has witnessed a growth spike over the last few years. And the good news is, it will continue to do so.

But how do you as a SaaS Brand owner make sure you’re part of this upward trend?

Let’s look at some tactics that stand apart from the traditional marketing strategies. Below hacks are tried and tested by major SaaS Brands like HubSpot, MailChimp and Dropbox to scale up their revenue.

#1. Building Up On Real Connections and Relationships

The success of any Business lies in the impact it creates in the minds of its buyers. And what greater way to build this impact rather than through relationships?

You can do this by making sure to be an active member of Communities, contributing to ongoing causes and so on. Online Communities, as well as offline, help improve your visibility. Users would start seeing you as a real trustworthy entity, and approach you themselves.

#2. Referral Marketing

How does Referral Marketing work?

Here are two simple ways:

1. A new user/biz buys your product or service and is offered a unique referral code by you.

2. He sends it over to this friend, which in turn offers them a discounted rate or incentives - the new user as well as his friends.

This is a famous marketing hack and is tried by Uber, AirBnB, etc.

Make sure to market your Referral programs too so that the users are made aware.

#3. Offer a Free Tool or Trial

Offering a Freemium of your service is an ultimate hack of conversion. Since users are most likely to get accustomed to your service and will end up signing up for the Upgraded or the Premium version.

Add this to your Homepage and the let magic happen! Offering a Free Trial Period on your product works as well.

#4. A Social Media Presence

Especially LinkedIn! Content Creation is growing like never before. The latest generation consumes Social Media content way more than other forms out there.

A few ways you could implement this:

1. Create educational content, thereby attract new businesses.

2. Highlight existing problems and how your product helps solve them.

3. Keep a note of the latest trends or current events, and use them to your advantage. Examples include - Hashtags, Memes, Images and so on.

#5. Stack Up on Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a super affordable yet effective strategy for growth. Employing an email strategy that speaks directly to your consumer is a sure-shot way to upscale your brand.

As of 2021, 77% of B2B Companies use email marketing newsletters as part of your growth strategies.

Because with Emails, you would have a strong hold on what the End User consumes. Make your emails highly engaging by making them seem like they

speak to your consumer directly. Add a powerful CTA to every mail and you’re good to go!

The Bottom Line

Deploying each of these tactics is sure to fetch you amazing returns and start witnessing exponential growth.

They help increase your visibility, create brand awareness amongst new users as well as old ones.

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